Graduate designs pedal-powered washing machine

Post by Kevin on 24th June 2011 in

Graduate designs pedal-powered washing machine

People will soon be able to combine their laundry duties with transport, if a new washing machine and bike combination catches on.

Sheffield Hallam graduate Richard Hewitt, 21, has created the 'Spincycle': a tricycle which powers a washing mechanism attached to its rear. 

Detergent, water and clothes are spun together for 10 minutes while the user rides the cycle. Once the clothes are clean and the water has been drained, the device can also spin the clothes dry.

According to The Daily Mail, Hewitt hopes the Spincycle will help people in developing countries, after coming up with the design following a visit to an orphanage in Burundi in Africa.

He said: "One of the tasks I did at the orphanage was to wash around 30 loads of childrens' clothes by hand. It was extremely time-consuming and I thought 'there must be an easier way than this'. 

"It set off a train of thought and I came up with the cycle idea. They use bikes a lot out there, so I came up with something that could become a micro-enterprise for people."

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