LG’s new washing machines can diagnose own faults

Post by Tom on 31st May 2011 in

LG’s new washing machines can diagnose own faults

The new range of domestic appliances from LG will be capable of diagnosing their own faults.

According to an article by consumer magazine Which?, a technician will be able to tell which fridge repairs or washing machine repairs are required simply by pressing a button on the faulty appliance. The machine will then emit a tone which will represent a specific fault.

In addition, the company is said to be preparing to release an application for mobile phones and tablet PCs that will help users to diagnose issues with their washing machines.

Which? laundry expert Katie Hill says: "It's great to see LG helping its customers help themselves with this kind of diagnostic technology. 

"It'll be interesting to see how accurately these machines can communicate their faults, and whether they can detect simple problems you can fix yourself as well as the bigger issues that require attention from a repairman."

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