Canadian grandmother burns out oven to support troops

Post by Jeff on 27th May 2011 in

Canadian grandmother burns out oven to support troops

A grandmother from Ontario in Canada managed to destroy her oven after deciding to help support the country’s soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Since 2008, Karen Wilson has been spending eight hours a week producing cookies and shortbread treats in the kitchen of her home. She then sells the confectionary products at community events as a show of support.

According to a report by The Canadian Press, Ms Wilson has produced over 35,000 cookies over the last few years. In fact, her baking became so intense that she managed to completely burn out her convection oven and double her electricity bill in the process.

She said: "If I can just send a little bit of love and the taste of home, it makes me happy."

With the Canadian soldiers set to pull out of Afghanistan before long, Ms Wilson is set to get a break from her hectic schedule. That said, she plans to continue baking and supporting the troops again before long.

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