Samsung launches cooker with two ovens in one

Post by The Commander on 26th May 2011 in

Samsung launches cooker with two ovens in one

Electronics giant Samsung has announced a new range of electric cookers which come with an oven the user can split in half.

The appliances are built with “Flex Duo technology” which allows people to use a removable divider to create two completely separate sections in a single oven. According to Samsung there is no heat transfer between the cavities and it is not possible for smells to permeate the divider.

Using the technology will allow people cooking smaller meals to heat up their ovens faster and also cut their energy consumption by up to 35 per cent.

The cookers also come with a steam clean function to make cleaning a breeze. This is not only a time saving benefit though, as keeping a cleaner oven will cut down on the chance of the user needing to organise cooker repairs.

Warner Doell, vice-president of sales and marketing, home appliance division at Samsung Electronics Canada, said: "Flex Duo technology is an excellent solution for home chefs whose cooking time is becoming increasingly limited by longer commutes, greater household responsibilities and a desire to spend more quality time with family and friends.

"It's really all about versatility and giving our customers options to prepare food on their own terms."

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