Survey exposes UK’s priciest towns and cities

Post by Jeff on 21st April 2011 in

Survey exposes UK’s priciest towns and cities

Anyone looking to buy electrical goods such as washing machines or fridges should stay away from Wrexham, North Wales, according to a new report.

A survey carried out by online comparison site Kelkoo has come up with a list of the cheapest and most expensive places to shop in Britain. The firm bought 200 items across seven categories, from 10 retailers in a dozen locations around the UK.  

When it came to electrical goods such as domestic appliances, London was the place to go. Goods bought in this category were almost £300 cheaper in London compared to the UK average.

Kelkoo’s electrical goods bought in Wrexham, were £152 more expensive than the UK average. The result is a £445 disparity between Wrexham and London.

Kelkoo marketing director, Chris Simpson, said: "Whilst we’re not telling consumers in these locations to stop shopping in the local area, we would always encourage consumers to compare prices both online and offline before they make a decision, particularly on big ticket items."

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