Lost the TV remote? Check your freezer

Post by The Commander on 30th March 2011 in

Lost the TV remote? Check your freezer

The first place many people look for a lost television remote control is down the side of their sofa, but new research suggests you might be better off checking your domestic appliances.

A survey conducted by Swiss digital products manufacturer Logitech found that the fourth most likely place for people to find a lost remote control is in their fridge or freezer.

According to the company’s Global Remote Control Trends Study, almost half of all households have four or more remotes in their living room. And it seems people all over the world have peculiar hiding places for the gadgets.

Unsurprisingly, almost half of all people said they had at one time lost their remote in a sofa. A total of 8 per cent of people have found one in the bathroom, and the same percentage in a dresser drawer. The next most likely place to find a remote is a fridge or freezer (4 per cent), and rounding off the list were the 2 per cent of people who have discovered their remote in a car.  

It’s been suggested that children may well be behind lost remotes in the freezer, along with careless adults foraging for snacks.

But it’s clear that a domestic appliance isn’t the best place for electronic equipment. Put the device in with your dirty clothes, and you might well be facing a washing machine repair bill as well as the prospect of having to buy a new remote. 

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