Appliances 'using more energy than advertised'

Post by Jeff Stevens on 23rd March 2016 in Energy saving

Appliances 'using more energy than advertised'
New research has found that many household electrical appliances are using more energy than advertised by their manufacturers.
According to a study carried out on behalf of Marketwatch, almost one in every five appliances consumers more energy than claimed. Some 18 out of the 100 products tested were found to be non-compliant with European Union energy requirements.
However, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (Amdea) insists that its members are committed to meeting EU energy efficiency targets.
"Our members are very committed to this legislation and have spent a great deal of money on ensuring that their products are more energy efficient. They would argue that they have had a lot of success in doing that," an Amdea spokeswoman said. 
While most of the 18 companies whose products were tested entered in to a dialogue over the findings, six refused.

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