Competition watchdog announces energy market reforms

Post by George Dixon on 10th March 2016 in General industry

Competition watchdog announces energy market reforms
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced a raft of measures aimed at boosting competition in Britain's energy market.
Under the reforms, tariffs to households using pre-paid meters would be curbed and utilities providers would be forced to open their customer databases to competitors in order to enhance transparency in the energy market.
"We have found that the six largest suppliers have learned to take many of their existing domestic customers – some 70 per cent of whom are on ‘default’ standard variable tariffs – for granted, not just over prices, but with their service and quality," said Roger Witcomb, who headed the CMA's investigation.
"We’re proposing a wide range of bold, innovative measures to enable competition to grow further across the market," he added.
However, the CMA has declined to impose the heavier sanctions on the 'big six' energy suppliers - British Gas, E.On, SSE, EDF, Scottish Power and Centrica - which it had been urged to impose by some consumer campaigning groups.

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