Google and Vizio 'join forces for new smart TV'

Post by Tom Williams on 2nd March 2016 in Technology

Google and Vizio 'join forces for new smart TV'
Technology giant Google and electronics manufacturer Vizio are reportedly set to join forces in designing a new range of smart TVs.
According to entertainment industry publication Variety, the two companies are developing new smart sets which offer Chromecast-style functionality. It's thought the new TVs won't feature smart TV apps but will run similarly to Google's streaming Chromecast adapter.
The magazine says that to accompany the new sets, Vizio is also designing an Android-based tablet which will serve as a dedicated remote control. A range of media apps will be included on the tablet as well as a content guide offering recommendations.
Exact details have yet to be confirmed, but Variety reports that the tablet may be included free of charge with some models and that a traditional remote control may be absent entirely.
Both Google and Vizio have so far declined to comment on the report.

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