Dyson surges up Superbrands list

Post by Tom Williams on 23rd February 2016 in General industry

Dyson surges up Superbrands list
Appliance manufacturer Dyson has risen to its highest position yet in the annual Superbrands poll, a survey of UK consumers' best-loved brands.
In this year's Superbrands poll, Dyson was fourth in the list of the most popular brands - behind Lego, Rolex and British Airways, which topped the poll. Also occupying slots in the top ten were Gillette, Apple and Kellogg's.
The study, compiled by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), is based on a survey of 2,500 British adults.
"Conservatism is evident among the British public. Consumers are continuing to seek out familiar brands with which they have an emotional connection," said TCBA chief executive Stephen Cheliotis.
One high-profile failure to make the top 20 was that of Cadbury, which has antagonised some customers by changing the recipe of its popular Crème Eggs among other controversial moves.

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