New laundry app like ‘Uber for laundry’

Post by George Dixon on 30th December 2015 in Laundry

New laundry app like ‘Uber for laundry’

These days, anyone who’s anyone knows that to boost business, you have to take advantage of digital technology – and that’s exactly what entrepreneur Ed Relf has done.

Laundrapp offers customers a hassle-free clothes cleaning service, and all they have to do is download the app and book a slot. Then dirty laundry is collected from the customer’s home and delivered a few days later freshly clean.

Since its launch in January, the app has been downloaded 175,000 times, and the company has washed more than 700,000 items of clothing – that’s a lot of dirty laundry.

When asked how he came up with the concept for Laundrapp, CEO Ed Relf said: “I think the penny-drop moment really was when I walked down my local high street where I live in north London and realised that every single one of these businesses had been revolutionised by digital in one form or another – whether it’s the bank or the bookmaker or the supermarket.

“I got to the dry cleaner on the corner and realised, goodness me, actually there’s a massive opportunity here.”

While there are no plans currently to launch the service oversees, Relf predicts that 2016 will be the year that the app goes international – hoping to one day become the world’s largest laundry and dry cleaning brand.

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