Gas fitters get suspended sentences

Post by Tom Williams on 25th August 2015 in Appliance safety

Gas fitters get suspended sentences
Two gas fitters from Devon have received suspended prison sentences over illegal and dangerous work they carried out.
Brothers Lee and Scott Butterworth carried out work on a boiler at a house in Plymouth, with the appliance later found to be an immediate danger. Lee Butterworth recruited his brother to work on the boiler despite him not being Gas Safe registered.
A registered engineer who subsequently attended the property to install a gas cooker found a gas leak from the pipework installed earlier by Scott Butterworth.
"Scott Butterworth was not competent or registered to work on gas appliances and this was clearly shown when his work left a gas installation which had a gas leak," said Health and Safety Executive inspector Simon Jones.
"It is extremely fortunate that there was not a gas explosion as a result of Scott Butterworth’s work," he added.

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