GE launches Bluetooth-powered appliances

Post by George Dixon on 30th June 2015 in Technology

GE launches Bluetooth-powered appliances
US technology giant General Electric (GE) has unveiled a new line-up of smart appliances powered by Bluetooth.
Set to reach US consumers this autumn, the new GE Profile range will be able to sync up with one another via Bluetooth connectivity. It is hoped that the feature - called Chef Connect - will allow for a more harmonised kitchen experience.
"We believe adding this technology will be a feature consumers in kitchens throughout America can appreciate," said GE Appliances product manager Heather Koyama.
Using Bluetooth, the new additions to the Profile range will allow users to turn the microwave's vent fan on when the stovetop is turned on, sync clocks on the range and microwave, and switch on the lights beneath the microwave when the burner is turned on. 

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