One-fifth of Brits 'complain to energy firms'

Post by George Dixon on 18th June 2015 in General industry

One-fifth of Brits 'complain to energy firms'
New research has revealed that a fifth of households in the UK complain to energy companies every year.
According to a report compiled by Citizens Advice, complaints about billing cost energy firms an annual total of £125m. The charity itself says that it has helped to deal with more than 100,000 energy-related complaints over the last year.
"Bad billing systems have plagued energy customers for years," said Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy. "Billing people on time, and for the right sums of money, is essential if the market is to work."
Citizens Advice's The Lost Decade report analysed the handling of bill-related complaints over the last decade and found that progress had been "patchy". It noted that poor handling of billing had caused considerable distrust on the part of energy consumers.
The charity is urging industry regulatory Ofgem to conduct its own probe into energy billing arrangements to see why so many problems still persist.

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