Tumble dryer sparks flat fire

Post by Tom Williams on 27th May 2015 in Appliance safety

Tumble dryer sparks flat fire
A resident was forced to flee his flat after a faulty tumble dryer set the property ablaze over the weekend.
According to the Newbury & Thatcham Chronicle, fire crews from Newbury were despatched to the flat in Thatcham's Lancaster Close at 8pm on Sunday evening after being alerted to the fire.
The firefighters spent more than three hours attending to the blaze, but the flat's resident managed to escape the property without sustaining any injuries.
"The owner of the flat was there but he was outside but the time we got to the scene. Paramedics were called out to check for smoke inhalation but there was nothing wrong with him," a spokesman for Newbury fire station commented.
None of the other flats in the building were damaged by the fire. At the time of the report, the exact cause was still under investigation.

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