Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Shanghai

Post by George Dixon on 26th May 2015 in General industry

Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Shanghai
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has made its Asian bow in Shanghai, with leading industry figures from across the world set to descend on the city.
Backed by the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the first Asian CES is expected to have a predominantly Chinese focus but will nevertheless play host to more than 200 firms from 15 countries. 
The Asian CES complements its Las Vegas counterpart, which takes place each January.
"It was a big decision, and you know what, part of it is a lot of companies ask for it," said CEA president Gary Shapiro. "Right here, people love their technology. There's a huge market for digital devices here in Asia, and of course, Shanghai is the official city of the future."
The event will take place over the next three days.

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