Google prepares internet of things OS

Post by Tom Williams on 22nd May 2015 in Technology

Google prepares internet of things OS
Google is reportedly working on a new operating system for the internet of things (IoT), set for launch next week.
The existence of Google's IoT operating system was first reported by news website The Information, with sources also separately confirming its existence to Fortune. According to the latter source, the code will be launched at Google's upcoming I/O event.
While Google recently acquired smart appliance developer Nest, the new project - provisionally named 'Brillo' - is not part of the Nest division. Its designers will, however, reportedly work alongside Nest.
Brillo is understood to be intended for low-power devices with 32 or 64MB of RAM. The most recent versions of Android are designed for mobile devices with at least 512MB.
Google has so far refused to comment on the speculation.

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