LG unveils ultra-slim TV

Post by Jeff Stevens on 21st May 2015 in Technology

LG unveils ultra-slim TV
South Korean technology giant LG has shown off its latest concept TV, an ultra-thin device less than a single millimetre thick.
The OLED panel - 0.97mm thick, 55in diagonally and weighing only 1.9kg - was recently demonstrated to journalists at an event in Seoul. Although it remains a concept only at this stage, it's quite possible that it could be a glimpse into the future of television.
Instead of having to drill brackets into the wall, LG's latest OLED set can be held in place by magnets. A magnetic mat similar to a fridge magnet can be used to keep the so-called 'wallpaper' TV in position.
LG hopes that in time it will be able to bring OLED TVs to a mass audience, but at present manufacturing costs render them insufficiently profitable. Even so, the manufacturer anticipates that sales of its OLED units will total 1.6 million next year.

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