Resident angry after boiler explosion

Post by George Dixon on 20th May 2015 in Appliance safety

Resident angry after boiler explosion
A mother from Worcestershire has voiced her frustration at her housing association's response after her home's boiler exploded.
According to Worcester News, 35-year-old Kerry Quill has been left to fork out £350 for the insurance excess to replace the wallpaper, paintwork and carpets at her Droitwich home. The second floor of the home was deluged by leaking water after the boiler blew up.
Mrs Quill said that she had tried to call Fortis Living, which owns the property, on an emergency number but had been unable to get through for hours. The following day, her daughter noticed that the ceiling was swelling and it subsequently burst. 
"Fortis aren't prepared to replace the carpet, bathroom flooring or decorating and we were left with a gaping big hole in our ceiling for several days," she said. "When it happened I thought it would have been sorted pretty quickly but I didn't expect them to leave me with a gaping hole and having to replace everything myself."
Fortis Property Care general manager Marc Mayall told the newspaper that contents insurance would cover the cost of replacing décor and flooring.

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