Canadian firm reveals foot-powered washing machine

Post by Kevin Jackson on 5th May 2015 in Technology

Canadian firm reveals foot-powered washing machine
A foot-powered washing machine which can run without any external source of electricity has been unveiled by a Canadian firm.
Standing at only 22 inches tall, Yirego's Drumi device is capable of washing and spin drying as many as seven garments at the same time. It takes just five minutes to get through its wash, rinse and spin dry cycles.
"Many people around the world rely on hand washing their undergarments and personal items," Yirego stated. "Also, there are more than one million residents living in high-rise apartments across the [Greater Toronto Area] that do not have access to private laundry facilities."
According to Yirego, the Drumi consists of 40 per cent recycled materials and uses 80 per cent less water and detergent than a standard washing machine. The device has already picked up several design awards.
The Drumi is set to be launched this summer at a price of $169 (£111).

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