EU delays halogen bulb ban

Post by Jeff Stevens on 22nd April 2015 in Energy saving

EU delays halogen bulb ban
An impending European Union ban on halogen light bulbs is to be delayed by two years, it has been announced.
EU member states voted narrowly last week to postpone the planned ban on class D halogen bulbs until 2018, citing industry concerns. The ban had been due to come into effect from September next year.
"[The development of] alternative technologies takes time to be fully realised – and then to subsequently be widely available on the market," said Diederik de Stoppelaar of lighting industry organisation LightingEurope.
He insisted, however, that the industry was strongly supportive of switching to more efficient light bulbs despite its support for this delay.
Energy efficiency campaigning group Coolproducts expressed concern about the vote, warning that EU consumers would miss out on billions of euros in enhanced energy efficiency as a result.

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