Consumers 'confused by energy bills'

Post by Tom Williams on 20th April 2015 in General industry

Consumers 'confused by energy bills'

A new poll has indicated that the vast majority of UK energy consumers are bamboozled by the contents of their energy bills. 

According to a survey carried out by consumer campaign charity Which?, 74 per cent of respondents admitted to finding their energy bills very complicated. Some 18 per cent, meanwhile, said they were not confident in their ability to check their bills' accuracy. 

"Despite efforts to make bills simpler to understand, our research shows people are still bamboozled," said Which? executive director Richard Lloyd. "Consumers can’t tell whether they are getting a fair deal from their energy supplier and are losing out as a result." 

The survey - which questioned 1,600 people - found that only 30 per cent of respondents were completely confident in their ability to read and check energy bills. 

Mr Lloyd called on the Competition and Markets Authority to compel energy providers to adopt simpler and more transparent pricing mechanisms.

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