Households 'went cold to keep bills down'

Post by Tom Williams on 14th April 2015 in General industry

Households 'went cold to keep bills down'
Millions of households across the UK went cold for parts of the recent winter in order to avoid racking up expensive energy bills, a new survey has suggested.
According to a poll of 1,000 consumers carried out by price comparison website uSwitch, 54 per cent admitted that they had "gone cold at home this winter" with a quarter of respondents claiming to have gone without heating.
"It’s all very well for some suppliers to cut prices when spring kicks in, but millions of consumers were left out in the cold this winter," said uSwitch director of policy Ann Robinson. "It is now high time for proper, double-digit reductions to be passed on to hard-pressed customers."
When asked what they had done to keep warm through the winter, four in ten of those questioned said they had left their oven door open after cooking so the heat could spread through the rest of their home.
The average UK household can expect to pay £1,242 for gas and electricity this year, uSwitch says.

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