Samsung and LG settle legal row

Post by Kevin Jackson on 31st March 2015 in Technology

Samsung and LG settle legal row
Technology manufacturers Samsung and LG have agreed to put an end to their recent highly-publicised legal wrangling.
The South Korean firms announced today that they would bring all existing legal disputes between them to an end, including a recent row in which an LG executive was accused of damaging a high-end Samsung washing machine at a trade show in Germany.
Following the allegations, LG's offices in Seoul were raided by prosecutors and CCTV footage purportedly showing the executive damaging the washing machine's door was released into the public domain.
In a separate dispute between the two companies last month, Samsung employees were accused of organic LED technology - used in smartphones as well as some television displays - secrets from LG.
A joint statement issued by Samsung and LG pointed to South Korea's "difficult economic situation" and said that the firms would instead attempt to resolve their differences "through dialogue and cooperation".

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