Chinese firm unveils portable washing machine

Post by Tom Williams on 27th March 2015 in Technology

Chinese firm unveils portable washing machine
Messy eaters could soon have salvation in the form of a handheld washing machine recently unveiled by a firm in China.
According to the People's Daily Online, the Coton device - designed by electronics manufacturer Haier - is believed to be the smallest washing machine in the world. Powered by three AAA batteries, it can be used to remove stubborn food and drink stains.
Using a method known as 'squeeze washing' and pumping water at a rate of 700 beats per minute, its manufacturers claim that the Coton washing machine can clear away stains in as little as 30 seconds. 
It first applies liquid detergent to kitchen paper before the nozzle deploys water on to the stain. The Coton can be used to remove a range of food and drink stains, as well as other stains such as oil and grass.
The device - which weighs only 200 grams - is already available to consumers in Japan, where it sells for 10,800 yen (£60).

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