The next step in home automation: Digital Life meets Drive

Post by George Dixon on 25th March 2015 in General industry, Technology

The next step in home automation: Digital Life meets Drive

As the ‘Internet of Things’ becomes ever more profitable AT&T have announced their latest venture in connected technology. In collaboration with their automotive and home appliance partners the digital specialists will be linking their home automation service, ‘Digital Life’, and their connected car service, ‘Drive’.

The new development will allow drivers to control their household from the dashboard, so everything from the coffee maker to the thermostat will be ready and waiting when they arrive at home.

Chief Executive, Glenn Lurie, explains, “Once you've told your home when the car is (for instance) within 20 feet of the house to please open the garage door, put the lights on, turn the alarm off, move the thermostat up, you can have those inanimate objects, the home and your car, really taking care of you.”

This new product sees AT&T strengthen its foothold in the fast growing market for internet connected devices. The ‘Internet of Things’ is predicted to generate revenue of $20 billion by 2018 whilst smart homes revenue is estimated to peak at $71 billion the same year.

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