Devon landlord 'carried out illegal gas checks'

Post by George Dixon on 20th March 2015 in Appliance safety

Devon landlord 'carried out illegal gas checks'
A landlord from Devon carried out annual gas checks at his properties without being Gas Safe registered, a court heard this week.
Raymond Williams, of Torquay, also used a fake Gas Safe Register number to fraudulently fill out safety documentation. Torquay Magistrates' Court heard that Mr Williams put his tenants' lives in danger by carrying out the checks himself.
Mr Williams became the subject of a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation following a complaint from a tenant. He pleaded guilty to four breaches of gas safety legislation and was fined £12,000 as well as being ordered to pay £418 in costs.
"Landlords must ensure checks are carried out by registered Gas Safe engineers who are independent and competent to do the work," said HSE inspector Simon Jones. "Such checks are vital to protect tenants from death or injury caused by potentially dangerous gas appliances."
Gas Safe Register chief executive Russell Kramer also reminded tenants that they had a right to ensure that their landlord arranged for gas appliances to be checked by a registered engineer every year.

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