Dyson invests in new smartphone battery

Post by Kevin Jackson on 18th March 2015 in Technology

Dyson invests in new smartphone battery
Electronics manufacturer Dyson is making a multi-million dollar investment in an experimental new smartphone battery, it has been revealed.
The company - most famous for its range of vacuum cleaners - is investing $15m (£10.2m) into Sakti3, a tech startup first established as a spin-off from the University of Michigan. The joint development agreement will see Dyson commercialise Sakti3 technology.
It is claimed that Sakti3's solid-state technology is capable of storing twice the amount of energy provided by existing, liquid lithium rechargeable smartphone batteries.
"Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can’t," said James Dyson. "It’s these fundamental technologies – batteries, motors – that allow machines to work properly."
Ann Marie Sastry, Sakti3's chief executive, expressed hopes that the tie-up with Dyson would enable the solid-state smartphone batteries to be brought to the mass market.

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