LG unveils radical new washing machine

Post by Jeff Stevens on 13th January 2015 in Laundry

LG unveils radical new washing machine
South Korean technology firm LG has unveiled its revolutionary new washing machine, capable of handling two separate loads at the same time.
The Twin Wash appliance - revealed to the press to coincide with this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - features a front-loading washer on top of a small unit that can be opened like a drawer.
In addition, the Twin Wash is a smart appliance which users will be able to monitor remotely via LG's HomeChat network. 
"Today’s busy families consider laundry to be less like a chore and more like a chess match," said David VanderWaal of LG Electronics USA. "We are going to help consumers spend less time in the laundry room and more time in the rooms where they want to be."
It isn't yet clear, however, when the machine will be released to consumers - or exactly how much it will cost.

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