Tumble dryer fire warning this winter

Post by Tom Williams on 23rd December 2014 in Appliance safety

Tumble dryer fire warning this winter
Firefighters have issued a warning to tumble dryer owners after increase in fires this winter.
Devon and Somerset Fire Service has issued a warning after it has responded to 23 house fires caused by tumble dryers in the last year, and the service predicted that the household appliance will be used even more as the cold winter weather continues. 
Graham Rooke, station manager from North Devon, said: “It is important that filters are regularly checked and cleaned to ensure they do not become blocked”
He added “Build-up of fluff and lint inside the machine is a major fire risk.”
The fire service has warned that machines should not be overloaded with clothes and that the instructions for the appliance should be followed at all times. 

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