Smart tech holds prospect of end to power cuts

Post by Jeff Stevens on 11th December 2014 in Energy saving, General industry, Technology

Smart tech holds prospect of end to power cuts notes that Google and Apple’s major investments in the field are clear signs that the technology will be making its presence felt very soon.

It pinpoints ‘smart’ thermostats as one of the most likely manifestations of this technology to make an early breakthrough into the mainstream, especially as many big retailers are now stocking the products.

Among their main benefits are the ability to track changes in a household’s use of heating, and monitor how long it takes for it to heat up and cool down, the article says.

The next innovation is linking up a ‘smart thermostat’ with radiator valves which can be set to adjust the temperature in individual rooms, eliminating the single thermostat which simply adjusts it to the same level throughout a house.

On a wider level, says the article: “The principles of smart heating and lighting can be applied to bigger systems, such as the National Grid, making them more efficient.”  

The implication of this is that, by being able to predict fluctuations in demand even more accurately than at present, power companies will become much more successful in ensuring that everyone has the power they want when it’s needed, it concludes.

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