Customers urged to reclaim share of energy firms’ frozen £200m

Post by George Dixon on 10th December 2014 in Energy saving, General industry

Customers urged to reclaim share of energy firms’ frozen £200m

According to industry watchdog Energy UK, this means power companies are sitting on more than £200million in unclaimed refunds which could be payable if these accounts had been closed properly.

And, 10 months after energy market regulator Ofgem uncovered similar wide-scale failure to reclaim money due to businesses, Energy UK says its own campaign on behalf of residential customers has so far succeeded in £50million in overpaid charges being refunded to consumers.

Its ‘My Energy Credit’ campaign is now being stepped up, with the launch of a new phone helpline, website and freepost address.

Energy UK chief executive Lawrence Slade said that, despite the fact that “energy companies have long had systems in place to give back energy credit to customers”, in the flurry of activity surrounding a house move, many people forget to take the steps needed to properly close down their old power company accounts.

So organisation’s campaign “spreads awareness and makes it easier for consumers to check whether they are owed money or not,” he added. 

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