Consumer experts advise making Black Friday a white goods shopping day

Post by Tom Williams on 27th November 2014 in General industry, Laundry, Refrigeration

Consumer experts advise making Black Friday a white goods shopping day

And while the major items shoppers in the UK are expected to be looking out for on what’s now become an annual bargain-hunting frenzy – which stretches into four days over all of this weekend - include TVs, mobile phones and toys, bigger bargains are likely to be found on sites specialising in domestic appliances and other items.

That’s because, as demand for these falls at this time of year, retailers are likely to be keen to tap into consumers’ eye for a bargain to offload old model or display stock.

Anita Naik, lifestyle editor at VoucherCodes, said: “Black Friday is great for big-ticket electronics, white goods and high-value items but many of the best deals are available only for a limited time. Some sites offer flash sales that last minutes.”

A big cost-cutting tip also widely offered to Black Friday shoppers is to combine orders to help cut postage or carriage costs, while many will also be cashing in loyalty rewards they have saved up all year to help ease the burden of budgeting at this expensive time of year.

Black Friday is a tradition of American origin. Falling the day after Thanksgiving, it is one of the country’s biggest days for shopping, and people are traditionally given, or take, the extra day off work.

From a retailer’s perspective, the phrase has also come to signify the day of the year when they are likely to break into profit for the year, having worked for most of the previous 11 months to meet the costs of running their business.

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