Big retailers sign up to white goods trade-in scheme

Post by Kevin Jackson on 19th November 2014 in General industry, Refrigeration

Big retailers sign up to white goods trade-in scheme

The scheme, which is being co-ordinated by sustainability campaigners WRAP, the Waste Reduction Action Programme, which says it wants to make the white goods industry more environmentally friendly.

Under the programme, people will be offered a discount against a range of new white goods and other appliances when they trade in the one they are replacing.

WRAP claims that 50 companies have joined the programme, with big-name participants including Samsung and Argos.

Its chief executive, Liz Goodwin, believed the scheme could “revolutionise how we design, manufacture, sell, repair, re-use and recycle electrical and electronic products.”

Early deals under the scheme are offering buyers £50 to £70 off a new fridge freezer when an old one is traded in at the same time.

However, contributors to the Daily Mail’s comments board were mainly sceptical about the programme.

‘Martin_in_Yorkshire’ said manufacturers should “just properly engineer the things to last.”

And ‘scrimper’ suggested that, a few decades ago, “it was routine for people to trade in old appliances [but] most electrical items were made in Britain and lasted for many years.” 

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