Flood relief fund set to buy new white goods for victims

Post by Jeff Stevens on 17th November 2014 in Laundry, Refrigeration

Flood relief fund set to buy new white goods for victims

New washing machines, cookers and fridges are likely to be on the shopping lists for families who will be helped by a charity outdoor festival in a Lincolnshire town which raised £5,000 this summer.

Organisers of the Flood Aid event in Central Park, Boston, held in late July, have just announced where the cash raised has been spent – and it has included buying white goods to replace those ruined after houses in the town were inundated following heavy rain last December.

The money was mainly handed to the Boston Flood Appeal, set up to co-ordinate efforts to help residents get back on their feet after last winter’s floods.

Some has also gone into a fund to establish a ‘rapid response’ team to help co-ordinate the reaction across Lincolnshire to similar events in the future.

Dylan Taylor of Endeavour Radio, one of the Flood Aid organisers, said the response to the event had been “proof that Boston is still more than capable of putting on these amazing events – if people want it to happen.”

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