Power-efficient chips becoming latest ‘smart tech’ battleground

Post by Kevin Jackson on 14th November 2014 in Energy saving, Technology

Power-efficient chips becoming latest ‘smart tech’ battleground

ComputerworldUK.com reports that the power usage of control devices for the so-called ‘internet of things’ was a major discussion topic at a recent launch event in California for a new family of microcontrollers.

Its manufacturer, Atmel, claims the SAM L21 family consumes one-third of the power of currently available equivalent products.

The claims will be able to be tested when the first chips are released for installation next February.

Meanwhile, electronics giant Toshiba is also working on its own lightweight and more power-efficient processor. Designed for use in smart watches, activity monitors and other types of ‘wearable tech’, it is likely to see its first shipments this month, with mass production planned to start next March.

The quest for efficient ways to power the controls of connected devices is currently at the forefront of the minds of many developers, says ComputerworldUK.com, which also points out that technology developed in the UK is at the heart of many of the devices currently being worked on.

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