New device 'could cut energy bills'

Post by George Dixon on 4th November 2014 in Energy saving

New device 'could cut energy bills'

A new device which turns household electrical devices on and off depending on electricity wholesale prices could help consumers make big savings on their energy bills, it has been claimed. 

The 'black box', developed by Tempus Energy, is due to go on the market later this month. According to its manufacturers, the device will help householders save as much as 20 per cent on their energy bills - a saving of £250 on the average annual energy bill of £1,265. 

At times of peak energy use - when electricity is most expensive - the device will temporarily turn off household appliances. By the same token, when energy is cheapest, the black box will automatically turn appliances on to take advantage of the lower costs. 

"We should be encouraging people to move away from peak-time energy use. At the moment it just keeps pushing up bills for everyone," said Tempus Energy head Sara Bell, talking to the Telegraph. 

However, Tempus Energy says that certain tasks - such as watching television - are 'time-sensitive' and therefore will not be switched off automatically at peak times. Users will also be able to override the black box and turn appliances on and off when they wish.

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