Home appliance buys are most-researched online

Post by Tom Williams on 3rd November 2014 in General industry, Laundry, Refrigeration, Technology

Home appliance buys are most-researched online

But the survey of browsing habits conducted by a charitable price comparison website which uncovered this statistic also found that many people spend longer researching a holiday or trip away than buying a new domestic appliance.

Give as you Live found that, while each shopper spends an average of 32 minutes between starting their research and clicking the ‘Buy’ button when buying online in general, when it came to home appliances, that time grew to 47 minutes.

And while 77 per cent of the just over 2,000 respondents said they did their homework online before making a purchase, cost was the main deciding factor in almost nine out of 10 purchases (89 per cent).

However, while a smaller proportion of shoppers (71 per cent) go online to compare fares and prices when looking to book travel or a holiday, they spend the longest doing their research, at one hour five minutes.

Steff Lewis, head of consumer insights for Give as you Live added that, while the best possible price is a deciding factor in many purchases, retailers should also remember that “the service offered and being a trusted brand is still key for many consumers.

“So whilst having competitive prices should remain a priority for retailers, it's important to make sure they're getting everything else right too.”  

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