New fridge tech spotlighted by media

Post by Jeff Stevens on 23rd October 2014 in Appliance safety, Refrigeration, Technology

New fridge tech spotlighted by media

Two big UK newspapers have spotlighted new devices designed to help keep the food in any fridge in optimum condition.

The London Evening Standard has got behind a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce and market a ‘Fridge Guard’, a means of measuring the temperature inside any fridge, and let the user know if its temperature goes above that at which the food inside should be considered safe to eat.

At the same time, the Daily Express has spotlighted a more high-tech device which its inventors say aims to kill bacteria lurking in any fridge by pumping pure oxygen around its interior.

It’s claimed that using a ‘BerryBreeze’ can mean produce stays fresh for about 10 days longer than normal.

Entrepreneur Scott Carey, who has bought the rights to distribute it in the UK, told the newspaper: “I’m hoping to help people save money by stopping having to throw out fresh food and in turn improve their carbon footprint by less food going to landfill.”

The battery-powered device, the size of a jam jar, is fitted in the top of any fridge.

Father-of-three Scott, from Bristol said: "I contacted the company in America and asked if there was anywhere in the UK I could get one and they said there wasn't.

"But then they said they would send us one each and we could as their UK ambassadors and let them know if Brits would like it.”

He has now given up his former job to sell the devices full-time, and has set up a website for online enquiries and orders. 

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