Wind farms breeze ahead as nuclear power drops off

Post by George Dixon on 22nd October 2014 in General industry, Technology

Wind farms breeze ahead as nuclear power drops off

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a landmark day for the UK’s wind power businesses, as it accounted for more of the energy produced during the day than all of the country’s nuclear power stations.

A combination of the gusty conditions, and more than half of the nation’s 15 nuclear reactors being out of use helped skew the figures.

Nevertheless, in a 24-hour period, wind produced 14.2 per cent of the power available, and nuclear generators 13.2 per cent.

On Saturday, when the stormy weather was at its height, wind turbines generated their highest ever amount of power – 6,372 megawatts. This equated to about one-fifth of all the power used that day, albeit that demand is usually lower at the weekend.

Reactors at five of the UK’s nuclear power station are said to be currently out of action for various reasons, including routine maintenance.

A BBC report noted that wind power attracts far higher government subsidies than nuclear.

But it also quoted Jennifer Webber of industry body Renewable UK as saying that, while wind power is “often used as a convenient whipping boy by political opponents and vested interests, all the while, it’s been quietly powering millions of homes across the UK.”

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