Seven deadly sins of food safety revealed

Post by George Dixon on 15th October 2014 in Appliance safety, Refrigeration

Seven deadly sins of food safety revealed

It includes such nasties as roaches and rodents, but also covers more commonly-found ‘nasties’ such as slime or mould, standing sludge of unidentified origin, and even incorrectly-labelled or unidentified items of food.

Having got their readers’ stomachs churning, however, the article by Nick Jakubowski for, offers tips for eliminating each of the potential health hazards it identifies.

They include properly clearing out all remnants of unwanted food, fitting anti-microbial filters to help slow down the growth of bacteria, and checking that indicated temperatures inside any chiller or freezer are accurate.

“Any steps that you take toward getting these out will lead to a cleaner, happier and safer kitchen and home,” the article concludes.

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