Smart meter-using families share energy cost-cutting tips

Post by Tom Williams on 26th September 2014 in Energy saving, Technology

Smart meter-using families share energy cost-cutting tips

As another winter approaches, lots of families will be preoccupied with thoughts of how to meet the inevitable higher fuel bills.

With this in mind, financial website This Is Money has this morning spotlighted two families’ efforts to put the cost of the power they were using under the microscope using the latest smart meter technology.

And it reveals mum Lynne Kovacs’ shock at finding that the electrical appliance which was costing her the most to run was – her iron.

“The cost is off the scale,” she said. “I used to go and answer the door or make a cup of tea in the middle of ironing and not think to turn the iron off. I’ll never do that again.”

Josee and Ian Parmley from Dorset also revealed how they almost became so obsessed with checking their smart meter’s readings that it led to rows.

But three weeks later, she said a number of cost-saving changes had become almost unconscious.

They included switching off the oven five minutes before a meal is ready, and using a steamer, which cooks vegetables on one hob ring instead of the three needed for individual pans.

Josee said: “At first it did feel a bit like Big Brother was watching how much power we were using, but after two or three days the smart meter was our best friend.”

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