iPhone microwave hoax goes viral on Twitter

Post by Kevin Jackson on 19th September 2014 in Appliance safety

iPhone microwave hoax goes viral on Twitter

iPhone users fall victim to a microwave hoax that went viral on twitter.

Those who already have the iOS 8 update may have seen an advert that looks like it has been sent legitimately from Apple, which explains what the new ‘Wave’ feature will bring to the iPhone. The advert explains what the Wave is, how to use it and how it works.

Users were most concerned when they saw the advert claims that the Wave feature allows iPhones to be charged in a household microwave for a minute and a half.

Apple owners took to Twitter to express their concerns on the hoax, with one user tweeting: “Guys it’s a hoax, please don’t do it. As if this is going to work #iOS8”.

While another user was left unsure on the matter and tweeted: “Is this true? Or just a hoax? #iOS8”.

Other Twitter users posted pictures of their burned iPhones after putting them in the microwave.

It has been confirmed that the advert is a hoax and that Apple devices cannot be charged in a microwave. 

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