Labour promises to end energy firms’ ‘mistreatment’ of customers

Post by Kevin Jackson on 21st August 2014 in General industry

Labour promises to end energy firms’ ‘mistreatment’ of customers

A future Labour government would beef up regulatory powers in the energy industry, including giving it the power to strip supply companies of their licences if they act against their customers’ interests.

That’s what Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint will tell a constituency meeting later today.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Ms Flint says she has obtained evidence that energy firms “mistreat their customers”, and, despite having already been issued with 30 fines, totalling £87million, since 2001, still face another 16 similar investigations.

She will pledge Labour to asking the regulator to issue an annual ‘scorecard’ for each energy supplier, which would spotlight any areas of concern about their operations and practices.

The Daily Mail reports that Ms Flint will tell a gathering of Labour supporters in Reading later today that households had seen energy bills rise by twice the rate of inflation, and four times the rate of average pay increases since her party was voted out of office in 2010.

“Households cannot afford another five years of this,” she will say.

In response, a Conservative spokesman said the party had begun “a full, independent inquiry to fix the broken market we inherited.

“And we’re forcing energy companies to simplify bills so people can be sure they’re getting the best deal.”

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