Word spreads about ingenious butter knife

Post by Tom Williams on 19th August 2014 in General industry, Technology

Word spreads about ingenious butter knife

Australian inventors who have come up with a new knife design that promises an end to the age-old problem of being able to spread butter straight from the fridge have nearly quadrupled the level of pledges on a leading crowd-funding website – two weeks early.

The ButterUp’s developers have come up with a knife with one standard serrated edge, while the opposite edge has a row of small holes.

Butter is scraped using this surface, producing a series of fine slivers which can then be spread on bread or toast using the serrated face without breaking the bread. By aerating and softening the butter, it’s claimed it becomes easier to spread.

The ButterUp can be washed in the normal way in a dishwasher.

After developing several prototypes, the inventors, who have set up a company, DM Initiatives, to market their product, the first they have sought funding for.

Having set an initial goal of AUS$38,000 (£21,190), the team has amassed more than 5,000 backers, who have pledged more than $135,400 (£75,500).

The funding round will continue until its deadline of Tuesday 2 September, and the developers claim they are “production ready”. The first batch, expected to go on sale next month, will go to initial backers who promised AU$60 (£33.50) each.

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