Thrifty consumers salvage repair spares from local tips

Post by Kevin Jackson on 31st July 2014 in General industry

Thrifty consumers salvage repair spares from local tips

People who are looking to save on the cost of maintaining and repairing their white goods are increasingly turning to their local recycling centres to find the items they need.

According to an article on’s UK finance pages, municipal recycling centres are being seen as a source of the spare parts which can help get a washing machine or other appliance running again.

It cites ‘Bernadette’, a mum of three, who, after getting a quote for more than £100 to repair her machine, tapped the knowledge of the workers at her local tip, who located and removed the part she needed.

She then found advice online about how to fit it, asked a friend to do the work for her, and the result was an appreciable saving on parts and fitting costs.

But, the article goes on to say, people should always check whether they’re expected to make a donation before being allowed to take away what they need.

And it went on to warn that the information it gathered was anecdotal, and its researchers couldn’t find any UK community tip advertising such services. “Where they are in place, they appear to be discretionary rather than policy”, it noted.

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