Just one in six Brits feel their home gadgets are up to date

Post by Jeff Stevens on 30th July 2014 in Appliance safety, Energy saving, General industry, Laundry, Refrigeration, Technology

Just one in six Brits feel their home gadgets are up to date

Buying our first dishwasher is considered one of the biggest life-changing events of many of our lives, a new survey has revealed.

And at the same time, the poll for white goods maker Hotpoint ranked several similar appliances high in the list of devices which people claim they couldn’t live without.

While broadband and the internet take the top two places in the rankings of domestic ‘must-haves’, a washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave oven and dishwasher all make it into the top 10.

But at the same time, the poll found that many people don’t stay on top of the maintenance of lots of their gadgets, as on average, our homes contain three appliances at any one time which either aren’t working properly, or have broken down completely.

This, the survey suggests, could be because we often put off replacing life-expired machines, with one in three confessing that it takes an appliance completely breaking down for them to splash out on a new one.

Other findings include that about 20 per cent of us bought appliances based more on what they looked like than their list of functions.

A Hotpoint spokesman said: “The results showed that our homes are performing far below the level they could be both in terms of being more eco-friendly and less costly to run."

Former host of The Gadget Show, Suzi Perry, who is helping promote the Hotpoint ‘Home IQ’ survey, added: “If we embraced innovation in our appliances as we do in our smartphones and televisions, we would not only expand what we can do within the home but save precious time and money.”

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