Fridge-Raiding Dog To Make Appearance On National TV

Post by Tom Williams on 21st July 2014 in Refrigeration

Fridge-Raiding Dog To Make Appearance On National TV

While animals are known to beg for scraps even after eating their own meals, one particular canine takes his hunger a step further – by raiding his owner’s fridge. 

Refrigerator-loving golden Labrador, Leo, loves food so much that he’s learnt how to raid the fridge; with a video recording his efforts to be featured on Animal Planet show, “Bad Dog” on August 9.

A video posted on video-sharing site YouTube shows just how resourceful the pooch is, and even when a chair is placed by the door of the fridge as a makeshift barrier, Leo is undeterred – opening the refrigerator to make off with a bag of food.

And just to prove how far Leo will go, there’s even a picture of Leo caught red-pawed with a KFC bucket around his neck.

If you want to see more of Leo’s fridge-related escapades, you can check him out on Facebook – as well as get some useful tips on how to pet-proof your refrigerator!

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