Is renting making a comeback in the white goods market?

Post by Kevin Jackson on 24th June 2014 in General industry

Is renting making a comeback in the white goods market?

A new generation of consumers is becoming attracted to the benefits of renting a range of goods – and according to a report from The Guardian, domestic appliances are among the items for which this is seeing a resurgence.

Hannah Gould of has taken a look at this growing trend, and, quoting the recently-published Nielsen 'Global Survey of Share Communities', noted that as many as two-thirds of people around the world participate in some kind of sharing scheme for their commodities.

And the survey found that these people are not only reaping financial benefits from not having to commit to making large purchases, but also claim that they enjoy the flexibility of having access to a range of products, including domestic appliances, only when they need them.

The trend is most noticeable in London, says short-term car hire service Zipcar. Its general manager, Mark Walker, said: "Today, with even more goods and services that can be consumed ‘on demand’, or shared, consumers are showing that saving money and being efficient isn’t just a fad."

The subject is being opened up for debate on this week, with its Sustainable Business website portal inviting views from people who have embraced the 'sharing economy' and asking them to talk about their experiences.

Domestic appliance manufacturer Philips is the main sponsor of the Sustainable Business portal.

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