Google's home tech arm buys remote camera maker

Post by George Dixon on 23rd June 2014 in Technology

Google's home tech arm buys remote camera maker

Google's 'smart home' technology division has made its latest move to acquire companies in various parts of the sector, buying a business which makes remote camera systems for homes.

Nest Labs, which itself was taken under Google's wing in January, has sealed a deal to buy Dropcam, a business founded in 2009 by two friends in San Francisco.

While the amount Google paid has not been officially released, some news channels have reported that it involved a cash payment of $555million (£325.6million).

According to business website, the deal is a clear sign that Google has no intention of standing still in the face of competition from the likes of Apple and LG, which have both unveiled apps designed to turn smartphones into control panels for a range of home devices.

The purchase came just days after Nest, the maker of 'smart' thermostats and smoke alarms, resumed manufacturing of its main product having temporarily withdrawn them from sale following a problem with the gesture control software which meant the alarms could be inadvertently turned off when someone waved their hand close to them.

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